Ron Paul: Evol?

Dear Ron Paul supporters,

I have a tip that you might find helpful – and, no, it doesn’t involve bunker-building or camouflage mouse pads. It has to do with graphic design. I’m not an expert in the art of campaigning, but I keep noticing all of these banners hung on highway overpasses that say something about Ron Paul being evil. That may not be the best slogan.

Actually, they’re supposed to say “Ron Paul Revolution” with the letters EVOL flipped like a mirror image and bolded in bright red letters so it says LOVE. That’s cute. I bet you and the other guys from the list serve had a great time making them at the Half-Life 2 lock-in. Sneaking out into the night to hang the banners all revolutionary-style probably helped ease the minds of the liberals among you who are so juiced about the Republican congressman’s foreign policy rhetoric that you’re willing to gloss over his call to dismantle the United Nations and abortion rights. But the banners at least get an “A” for DIY, subversive effort, so kudos.

But seeing the banners in Battleboy234’s garage and viewing them from the window of a vehicle going 80mph on I-25 is totally different. The first time I glimpsed the banners, my brain only had time to register the concepts Ron Paul, revolution, and evol. Ron Paul’s evil revolution? Vote for the evil revolutionary, Ron Paul? It doesn’t help that the stencil font blends in with other freeway graffiti and makes me think that some Satan-loving tagger named Evol is getting all political.

So a different banner design may be in order. I’m just saying. I mean it’s not like you would want people to think that Ron Paul is some kind of evil, racist bigot. No way! Hmm…on second thought maybe it’s better for the campaign if you stick to designing Myspace backgrounds and stay out of the streets altogether.


Jared Jacang Maher

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