Ron Perea rally supporters come out swinging: Kenny Be's Fotochop Friday

Denver Manager of Safety Ron Perea's resignation does not take effect until August 31, 2010, which leaves plenty of time for local law enforcement personnel to stage a beat-police support rally!

While citizens were sickened to watch the video of Denver police beating a man in Lower Downtown, and appalled at Perea's lenient punishment, Police Chief Gerry Whitman maintains that it is wrong to be disgusted without reviewing the entire case. If the "rapid outcry of special interests and the media" has silenced the boys and girls in blue, then it is imperative that they take to the streets immediately, and come out swinging their protest signs...

Additional Protest signs might read: 1. It ain't easy being blue. 2. Would you rather be beat by an amateur? 3. I serve and protect with my fists. 4. Your tax dollars at work. 5. We pound law and order into that thick skull of yours.
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Kenny Be
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