Ronald Dean Smith: Did lobbyist put chicken in ex-wife's vents, text about female dryness?

As a state lobbyist, Ronald Dean Smith is a familiar figure in Colorado politics -- which only makes the charges against him more bizarre. He's accused of burglary and more for actions described in an arrest warrant on view below, including allegedly leaving raw chicken in the vents of his ex-wife's home while she was out of town.

According to the warrant, police responded to a report of a break-in on September 29. Inside the home of Smith's former wife, they found cleat marks from bicycle shoes on a recently finished hardwood floor and a piano damaged by bleach -- plus, the contents of the woman's hard drive had been deleted.

Days later, another call: Employees of a flooring company hired to deal with the cleat-mark damage found raw chicken wrapped in a piece of blue tape in two vents.

In a subsequent interview, Smith's ex told police that her former husband knew she and her current boyfriend would be in Seattle during late September -- and while on the trip, she received harassing text messages from Smith, including, "Hold those legs up high & long. Happy anniversary to curing your dry female condition in San Diego last yr." And before she left, she told cops Smith had sent another text calling her a "whore."

Other allegations: She said Smith had put a laminated notice of her death on her front door and asked her if she wanted some chicken that was about to expire.

Where was Smith on the evening when police believe the break-in took place? The document states that he spent part of that time at Coors Field for a fundraiser on behalf of Mayor John Hickenlooper, who was running for Colorado governor at the time; he was one of the hosts. However, one attendee says he showed up late and left early.

Thus far, Smith hasn't made any public comments about the charges, which include Class 3 burglary and criminal mischief. But in a statement provided to 7News, his attorney, Michael Evans, notes that police haven't found witnesses placing Smith near his ex-wife's home or any of his fingerprints inside it -- and he maintains that Smith's biking shoes didn't match the marks on the floors. Evans adds: "Mr. Smith has been an important public figure in the Denver community for over a decade, and should be afforded the presumption of innocence at this time just like any other person. What is true -- and what is false -- will ultimately be brought to light in the proper forum of a court room."

Below, see a larger copy of Smith's booking photo and the aforementioned warrant:

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