RTD bus crash: This time, other drivers are annoyed, not fatally injured

During the early portion of last month, hardly a day seemed to go by without a horrific RTD bus crash. This April 6 post documents the second fatal accident in three days -- and the next day, we documented the death of Lafayette's Marvin Webb, who was killed in an incident that led to the driver being charged with careless driving resulting in death.

Tonight, fortunately, a smash-up involving an RTD bus that took place at around 6 p.m. near the intersection of Lincoln and 7th was far less lethal. Indeed, the parties involved seemed more irritated by our photographer than by the accident itself.

That's the account of Westword's Shela Burgess. According to her, the bus, which didn't seem to have any passengers inside, appeared to be relatively unblemished. A blue Volvo was definitely worse for wear, with light damage to its left side. But when Burgess approached the vehicle, the driver, a woman, got into her face, yelling, "I don't want my license plate or car in your photos."

With luck, she won't be too upset by the following Burgess snaps, which focus on two tow trucks and various personnel not doing a heckuva lot. No doubt RTD reps will be pleased that everyone walked away from this particular mishap.

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