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RU buzzed? There's an app for that.

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Creative-class catalyst Daniel Newman turned heads last week when the Colorado Department of Transportation unveiled an iPhone application, created by his company, ID345, that's designed to help people understand if they're too drunk to drive.

RU-Buzzed? allows you to enter your weight, sex, the number of hours you've been drinking, and the number and kind of drinks you've slammed (if you can even remember) in order to calculate an estimate of your blood-alcohol level. Possible outcomes include: "No hangover expected," "You're buzzed" and "Don't even think about it." The free app also uses GPS to find the nearest taxi office and provides its phone number.

While it may not be a perfect deterrent to drunk driving (something CDOT is fighting through its Plan Ahead campaign), it's a hell of a lot more useful than iFart, and had already been downloaded 9,500 times from the Apple iTunes store by last Friday.


Daniel Newman

"It's kicking ass right now as far as downloads go," says Newman, who also turns heads — and then eats them — during his annual downtown Zombie Crawl.

ID345 has charged anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000 to create iPhone apps, and although Newman says he's not contractually allowed to reveal most of his clients, they include some major recording studios and movie production companies. Newman says he charged CDOT a lot less because of the altruistic nature of the project.

ID345 also sells digital business cards under its Contxts brand and is working on a geo-location-based Zombie game app. But based on the success of RU-Buzzed?, maybe some Colorado-specific apps are in order. Here are our suggestions:

Kobe Bryant's "No Means No" gives you the names of every NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL referee and official so you can throw insults their way when they blow calls. It also provides you with the most up-to-date info on arrests and other legal matters that pertain to opposing players and suggests appropriate insults.

Lone Star Leary pinpoints the location of every Texan on a particular ski slope. Users simply plug in the name of the run they are about to ski, and Lone Star Leary gives them a clear layout of who to avoid on the hill below.

Mile High Glossary provides a handy reference and helps anyone new to the state decipher some of the strange words and complex lingo used in Colorado, including T-Rex, Powder Day, Rocky Mountain Oysters, Hickenlooper and SNIAGRAB.

Ocean View 5280 adds digital images to the video captured by your iPhone camera, so when you look through the viewfinder, Denver landmarks like the State Capitol Building and Invesco Field at Mile High are shown with realistic-looking boardwalks, beaches and oceans in the background. Perfect for homesick folks from the coasts.

LoDo Let-Out Alarm goes off twenty minutes before the bars let out in LoDo, giving you time for a last-call booty call and repeatedly blaring "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" loud enough to be heard over crappy techno remixes. Can be used with RU-Buzzed?.

Drug Dealer 5000 is more than just an app that helps medical marijuana patients locate nearby dispensaries. It also brings the industry back to its roots by locating, within twenty feet, the nearest corner dealer slanging the latest re-up. This app can also be used to avoid your old dealer — your former best buddy — as you guiltily slink off to a dispensary.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.