Ruben Hernandez is suburban superhero King of the 'Glenn: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

King of the 'Glenn Real name: Ruben Hernandez; Occupation: Communitarian; Suburb of operations: Northglenn; Hair: Black; Eyes: Smiling

Suburban superhero skills: King of the 'Glenn has the coordination, endurance, strength and reaction time that is superior to any Northglenn resident who has ever competed at Boondocks Fun Center.

His colossal-coordinating skills are best demonstrated while engaged as Program Administrator for the First Nations Development Institute. King of the 'Glenn engages in a daily regimen of rigorous collaboration (including Grantmaking, Policy & Research, and Nonprofit Capacity Building) to assist Native Americans in the control and stewardship of their land, human potential, cultural heritage and natural resources.

Like all Northglenners, the King's ultimate weapon is his blue-collar battlesuit, made entirely of discount fashions that are all hopelessly behind the times and accessorized with an Igloo Playmate personal cooler and a wrench. The battlesuit serves first as defensive armor, yet can be comfortably worn to gain easy access to all of the different communities of western Adams County.

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Kenny Be
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