Rumors of ArgusFest's Death are Greatly Exaggerated

Uganda Rising shows Thursday, May 3.
Despite a frightening moment two weeks ago, when it appeared that ArgusFest had been killed by founder Jason Bosch (he did send out an email titled "ArgusFest R.I.P.?"), the weekly film series is most certainly alive. Here's his e-mail to his peeps, letting them know what's a happening. For a complete schedule, click here.-- Amy Haimerl

I want to thank everyone who came out on Sunday in Support of Emergency USA and also I want to thank Sparlha, the staff at the Oriental Theater, Mom, Sarah, Khadija, Malcolm and Doug. Special thanks to Baroness Wines and Damascus Grill. You should try Damascus Grill (on Littleton Blvd) they are very delicious.

Coming up next week will be a meeting to lay out future plans for ArgusFest and recruit volunteers. Yes, ArgusFest is here to stay and is going to get a whole lot better. I want to go back to my original vision for ArgusFest which is a multi-day festival featuring music, film, art, performance art and speakers to educate about human rights, social justice, media, environment, freedom of speech, critical thinking and more. My aim is to have this festival happen this coming fall. I want to get your feedback and I'm also looking for some key people who want to work on this project with me. So come to the meeting if you're interested in getting involved or just want to learn more. In the meantime the weekly ArgusFest Film Series WILL continue as always bringing you the best documentaries on the above mentioned issues. I've got a lot of great new stuff coming up including a brand new series from Adam Curtis (director of Power of Nightmares and Century of the Self).

Thanks to those who donated recently. If you haven't donated to ArgusFest lately, please consider doing so. Your money will help continue and expand this vital programming. Please consider signing up for a monthly contribution. That way you can sustain ArgusFest even if you can't make it out to all of the events you would like to. You can make a single donation or sign up to make monthly contributions or a single donation at

Love & Light,

Jason Bosch

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Amy Haimerl