Ryan Matthews, dog trainer, gets jail-time after allegedly slamming own dog's head through wall

As owner of Off Leash Dog Training in Loveland, Ryan Matthews boasted about the effectiveness of his methods. In fact, the last four digits of the business' phone number spelled out the word "OBEY." Turns out, though, that his approach to schooling his own dog wasn't just questionable but criminal. He's been sentenced to thirty days in jail and more for shocking actions detailed in an arrest affidavit on view below.

The firm's website is no longer online, but here's an excerpt from a Yelp listing:

Off Leash Dog Training.com specializes in training that results in a Happy, Obedient, and Balanced Dog. We offer a free consultation with your dog, demonstrating that we can get him/her not to pull on a leash within minutes. Our lessons are both private and in a distracting group class environment. We not only [offer] dog lessons at our facility but we can also do in-home lessons. 970.484.OBEY(6239) to schedule your free demo and find out how we have successfully [trained] over 1,000 dogs.

Established in 2008

Off Leash Dog Training is combat veteran owned and operated.

Judging by the arrest affidavit, a different form of combat took place at the Off Leash offices. An employee alerted Animal Protection & Control, saying she was worried about a Belgian Malinois named Montage. An officer subsequently took photos of blood that she said came from Montage's paw; a hole in the wall where Matthews allegedly slammed the dog's muzzled nose through sheetrock, and a spot on the carpeted floor where she maintained that he'd body-slammed the dog twice after grabbing the animal by the neck. She also said she'd seen Matthews hit Montage in the head with his closed fist and kick him in the side.

Officers didn't need to take the employee's word. The affidavit confirms that surveillance video supported her statements.

Matthews denied any wrongdoing, and Montage didn't have the sort of catastrophic injuries that might have been expected. Nonetheless, he pleaded guilty to animal cruelty last month, and 7News notes that he's now been sentenced to thirty days in jail and mental health treatment. In addition, he's been told he can't be around dogs for the next two years. His own pets -- he owned two dogs -- were taken away and have since been adopted by new owners.

Seems like a good idea. Look below to see a larger version of Matthews's mug shot, followed by the aforementioned affidavit.

Ryan Matthews Arrest Affidavit

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