Sad Pay Phone of the Week: Pay Phone at Broadway and Ohio

Location: Next to Griff's Burger Bar at 742 South Broadway.

Number: Unknown.

Status: Operable.

Price: $1 for four minutes

Photo Taken: 1:30 p.m. on March 31.

With the wind whirling and whipping past, this exposed pay phone sits solemnly by the roadside as happy families, late-lunchers, shift workers and other hungry people stuff their faces with big juicy hamburgers in the afternoon sun.

Covered in a light dusting of sediment, this pay phone stands at the mercy of any leg lifted by a passing dog.

An advertisement for "starting your own online business" holds on by a shred, rustling in the breeze.

The advertisement is not the only badge of honor this pay phone wears; it's tatted up with graffiti and permanent marker on top of other markings that are smudged from earlier attempts at cleaning them off.

If the dirt, grime, graffiti and rust don't deter you from using this phone, the smell of those juicy delectable wads of American meat that are referred to as "hamburgers" most certainly will. See our other Sad Pay Phones here.

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