Sad pay phone of the week: The pay phone at 27th and Welton

Location: 27th and Welton.

Number: (303) 299- 0027

Status: Operable.

Cost: 50 cents for local calls.

Photo Taken: 2:30p.m. on March 31.

You know the expression "Every dog has its day?" Well, this particular pay phone's day has probably come and gone.

The phone is nestled uncomfortably in the wall of an abandoned kitchen called Zonas Tamales and just down the street from a bail-bonds office.

Unless you have super-human hearing, the sound of car alarms, sub woofers from passing cars and light-rail bells make hearing anything from the receiver a very difficult task.

On the plus side, the phone definitely deserves credit for surviving in such a hard neighborhood. Graffiti, etchings and other assorted bumps and bruises are testimony to the hard-knock life.

Of all the pay phones we've featured so far, this one takes the cake -- but not the tamale.

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