Sad pay phone of the week: The pay phone at the Auraria lightrail station

Location: Auraria Campus Light Rail Station.

Number: Unknown.

Status: Operable.

Price: 50 cents for local calls.

Photo Taken: 4:20 p.m. on May 10.

Just like a play phone in a kindergarten classroom, this pay phone has endured a lot of punishment from the students who use it.

It is truly a mystery as to how an innocent pay phone has sustained such brutality, was it rage? Vandalism? Even the Hardy Boys may not be able to solve this mystery.

Outcast and alone, this pay phone stands solemnly looking at the herds of students walking by as they text and surf the web on their fancy-shmancy smart phones, oblivious to the Qwest-blue phone on stand-by as it waits from someone to pick it up.

Exposed to the elements and in the midst of light rail bells, Colfax traffic, and berserk pigeons hurtling past, it doesn't make a good case for people to use it to casually shoot the shit. Unlike the students walking past, this sad relic from the past has no future, but it would still like to call out a "congratulations" to Metro State's class of 2011!

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Steven Pierce