Sad pay phone of the week: The pay phones at 11th Avenue and Broadway

Location: The corner of 11th Avenue and Broadway.

Number: Unknown.

Status: All three operable.

Cost: 50 cents for local calls.

Photo taken: 2:55 p.m., February 11.

In a forgotten time, these three phones pay homage to the need for phone banks in the city. Something Alan from The Hangover understands all too well.

They stand at the corner of a busy intersection on Broadway as if waiting for gamblers to rush out and get in touch with their bookies.

Surrounded by trash, stenciled with unknown markings and in desperate need of Purell, this phone bank is a prime candidate for saddest pay phone of the week.

The best part about these sad phones? The phone wire that dangles dangerously low as it hovers above the pedestrians underneath.

So if you're planning on using these phones, make sure there is a strong signal on your beeper, and try not to get electrocuted by the low-hanging wires swinging above.

For a look at more antiquated communications devices, visit our Sad Pay Phones archive.

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