Big photo below.
Big photo below.

Samuel Govea, shackled sex offender, busts out of hospital by dismantling bed

Samuel Govea didn't wait around to be properly released from Denver Health Medical Center. Instead, he checked himself out -- a matter of some concern for authorities, given that he was being held on behalf of the Denver Sheriff's Office for a slew of offenses that led to him being shackled to his hospital bed. Which he managed to take apart.

The 22 year old's Facebook page is mostly private, but it does provide a few clues to his personality. For instance, his favorite quotation, listed in the "Philosophy" category, is "donky dick mother fucker!" In addition, his primary activity is listed as "Blazin" and the descriptive passage affixed to his profile photo reads, "IM TOOOO HIGH."

Here's a self-portrait from the page:

Samuel Govea on Facebook.
Samuel Govea on Facebook.

Not included on the page is the laundry list of charges for which Govea was wanted when he was admitted to Denver Health for a gunshot wound to his leg. According to 7News, the offenses included failure to register as a sex offender, violation of a protection order, felony burglary, assault, menacing and, for good measure, criminal mischief.

Upon reading Govea's rap sheet, the sheriff's office put a hold on him in a couple of different ways -- bureaucratically, as well as through the use of shackles that were supposed to secure him to his bed.

But Govea proved to be handy enough to deal with the latter. He allegedly took the bed apart, then removed the various tubes connected to his body and split -- actions made easier by the fact that no guards had been stationed outside his room.

However, things have changed since Govea was recaptured without incident in Edgewater Monday afternoon. He's now reportedly got not one but two officers standing watch over him.

Most of us love to feel wanted -- but we suspect Govea feels differently. Here's a larger look at this mug shot.

Samuel Govea.
Samuel Govea.

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