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Reader: Those Damned Scooters Are a Menace!

Reader: Those Damned Scooters Are a Menace!
An unidentified vigilante has been wandering the streets, blocking out the QR codes on illegally parked scooters so that they cannot be used, then adding a sticker that says this: "Per city code: All vehicles must be parked in a manner that does not impede clear paths or access in the right of way (sidewalk area or street) or block the boarding or departure of transit users. ... This scooter/bike was incorrectly parked, resulting in the QR code being obscured. Contact Lyft or Lime if you wish to use this vehicle. We are sorry for your inconvenience but unfortunately, some people suck and are not considerate of how other people use sidewalk."

And other people are definitely taking notice of the action, posting comments on the Westword Facebook post of the action. Says Austin:
I have a new hero. To many scooter users pretending like they're at an amusement park.
Adds HiIlary:
The damned things are a menace. At least weekly when I walk out of my office downtown I nearly get run over by some jackass zooming down the sidewalk.
Replies Brian:
 Is this what it was like when bikes were popularized? “Damned menaces!”
Counters Audrey:
I support this. I hate those damn scooters.

Notes Steve: 
I do not hate scooters. I do dislike the human operator.
Offers Kim:
I have to move the abandoned scooters multiple times a week off the sidewalk in front of my apartment building, so I sympathize. I will say, maybe if the kickstands were better the people using them might park them in less in obstructive ways.
What do you think of the scooters in Denver? Are you concerned about how people ride? How they park? Both? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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