Scott McInnis finally concedes to Dan Maes in primary for Republican governor nomination

Last night, most of us knew that plagiarism-troubled Scott McInnis had narrowly lost the Republican governor's nomination to Liberty Movement favorite Dan Maes -- but he put off conceding. Now, however, he's finally grasped reality after several hours of folks like GOP boss Dick Wadhams referring to his campaign in the past tense. Here's the statement with which he exits the race -- and probably his political career.


"This morning I called Dan Maes and congratulated him on his victory. I told him that the passion and energy that he and his supporters brought to the primary campaign infused great enthusiasm and optimism into the political process. I also told him that since he is now the Republican nominee, I stand with him.

"I thank every Colorado Republican who voted for me. While there are no silver medals for placing second in politics, the prize I take from this race is the support of men and women who worked tirelessly for a better future for Colorado. To every person who knocked on a door, made a phone call, attended a rally, put a bumper sticker on a car or stuck a yard sign on a lawn, Lori and I and our family thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

"Lori and I also thank the dedicated, tireless team of professionals at our campaign headquarters who lived and breathed this cause seven days a week.

"While I am of course disappointed in the outcome of this race, the deep challenges facing our state - and the starkly different visions for solving those challenges - are the same this morning as they were yesterday.

"I am firmly convinced that Colorado taxpayers and citizens can't afford a repeat of four years of bigger government, higher taxes and anti-jobs policies. That the Denver Mayor -- a nice man with a flawed vision -- will pursue this Democrat agenda is indisputable.

"Other candidates, up and down the ticket, will now make this case to Colorado, but it is absolutely vital that the next 80-plus days be spent focusing the people of our state on the specific plans, policies and proposals that the Democrats bring to the table. These important facts have been drowned out and overlooked during the primary. They can be no longer

"I very respectfully ask my supporters, as well as those who backed Dan Maes and are considering backing Tom Tancredo to come together quickly around the basic, bedrock ideas that unite us as Republicans. The stakes for Colorado are too great for the focus to be on anything but what is best for the state we all love."

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