Scott McInnis is getting picked on by even more mean people

Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis came uncorked while defending his allegedly broken pledge to use leftover 2004 campaign funds for breast-cancer research during a Wednesday appearance on the KHOW talk show hosted by Dan Caplis and Craig Silverman. At one point, McInnis even accused Caplis of ganging up on him -- as if Dandy Dan, who's a little to the right of Cardinal Richelieu, has a well-known blood lust for conservatives. However, in the wake of this wacky performance, which can be heard by clicking here, less friendly folks are indeed starting to pile on. Denver Post columnist Mike Littwin, devotes his space today to further pricking McInnis' thin skin, while ColoradoPols.com has a treasure trove of McInnis material (that's how McInnis' rival Josh Penry might describe it, anyhow). Included: Yesterday's snarky original item, a piece about previous McInnis freak-outs dubbed "Scooter's Short Fuse, Memory Lane Edition," and a third item questioning McInnis' claim that campaign laws prevented him from establishing a charity.

All of this could explain why Bob Beauprez is thinking about making another try for major office: Finally, someone is running a worse campaign than he did.

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