Scott McInnis, Jane Norton portray themselves as Scott Brown 2.0

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Republican Scott Brown's comfortable victory last night in the Massachusetts Senate race has proven that, this year, anyhow, Republicans are capable of winning anywhere. Jon Caldara for Congress in Boulder, anyone?

No surprise, then, that the state's two leading Republican candidates -- gubernatorial hopeful Scott McInnis and senatorial wannabe Jane Norton -- wasted no time in issuing statements about Brown's win that were the equivalent of coattail hooks. Unsurprisingly, McInnis's message was the loopiest -- he sees the fact that he shares a first name with Brown as an encouraging sign -- while Norton's was the more strident. The release links Massachusetts loser Martha Coakley with Norton's opponent, Michael Bennet, who's apparently due for a "rude awakening."

For most Democrats, last night was already rude enough. Read the McInnis and Norton statements below:


Says Hard-Won Victory by Scott Brown Provides Strong Momentum Nationwide

(DENVER) -- Saying that his long-shot victory provides a national boost to the cause of common-sense values and living within our means, Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis congratulated U.S. Senator-elect Scott Brown on his win in Massachusetts.

"Tonight, the people of Massachusetts stood tall and said that it's time to restore balance and common-sense to a one-party government that has gotten out of control," McInnis said. "Scott Brown's victory has energized men and women throughout our nation who believe that massive government spending, higher taxes and less freedom are wrong for America."

He said Brown's victory also is a wake-up call to Colorado Democrats, including John Hickenlooper, who have been touting the Obama agenda, which McInnis called "out of touch with the concerns of average families and taxpayers who are worried about jobs and economic security."

McInnis noted that he and Brown share important similarities -- not limited to service in their respective state legislatures, and fighting hard to win every vote.

"I'm hoping that tonight's victory by a guy named Scott starts a trend that carries from Massachusetts to the mountain west in November."


(CENTENNIAL) -- Senate candidate Jane Norton today issued the following statement in response to Republican Scott Brown's victory over Democrat Martha Coakley in the Massachusetts Senate race:

"There is no question that this election was a referendum on President Obama's government healthcare takeover," commented Norton. "This is a state that gave 62 percent of its vote to Mr. Obama only 14 months ago, now echoing strongly what polls have shown for months: Americans do not want the federal government taking over healthcare.

"When Michael Bennet cast the deciding vote in favor of government-run healthcare, he sided with Martha Coakley, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama, despite the fact that 55 percent of Coloradans are against the legislation. Furthermore, Senator Bennet has said that passing a healthcare takeover is more important than fulfilling the wishes of Colorado citizens. The voters in Massachusetts have shown Martha Coakley where that kind of partisan politics gets you, and Michael Bennet is due for a similar rude awakening come November."

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