Scott McInnis takes his ball and stays home

Here's a shock: In the GOP straw poll held on Friday, gubernatorial candidate Josh Penry absolutely crushed Dan Maes, who hardly anyone realizes is still running, including, probably, members of his own family. As for Scott McInnis, the leader in name recognition and a new poll he likes better than any of the other polls, he decided not to participate in this latest exercise due to his belief that it was fixed in Penry's favor -- and to compound the gaffe, he put down his reasoning in a letter that made him seem churlish and afraid of a fight he wasn't assured of winning in advance. At this point, McInnis seems hopeful that the impact of the survey will fade if he ignores it. Hence, a Saturday morning Facebook post that couldn't be more generic if it came stamped with a UPC symbol: "Governor, we're coming, and will work tirelessly to make sure Colorado has a new Republican Governor in 2010!"

Does that mean he's got Penry's back? Doubt it.

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