Scott McInnis zipping lips about jobs -- if they have to do with medical marijuana

If elected, Scott McInnis pledges that he will be a jobs governor.

But if those jobs are related to the burgeoning medical marijuana industry, he -- or at least his spokesman, Sean Duffy -- isn't all that interested in talking about them these days.

In covering a McInnis appearance in Colorado Springs last Thursday, the Colorado Springs Gazette focused on remarks the gubernatorial hopeful made about MMJ. He criticized the comparatively hands-off policy of the Obama administration in relation to states where medical marijuana has been legalized, maintaining that "if I was governor, I would call the president and say, 'What are you doing?'"

In addition, McInnis voiced support for the portion of HB 1284, the measure designed to regulate the medical marijuana industry, that allows municipalities to ban dispensaries either by way of ballot measures or votes by city councils and the like.

Hoping to get more details about McInnis's thoughts on this issue, particularly in light of likely dispensary votes in Colorado Springs and Aurora (now joined by Douglas County), I phoned and e-mailed spokesman Sean Duffy on Monday, asking to chat on the topic. Via e-mail, he wrote that he had a very busy day, but he'd try to get back to me.

He didn't, so yesterday morning, I gave him another e-mail nudge. Finally, at just past 8 p.m. last night, he responded with a polite but very brief reply, noting, "I think we will pass on this."

Does that mean Obama shouldn't expect any phone calls from McInnis on this subject after all? Imagine his disappointment.

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