Sean Griffin and Staci Griffin, Nos. 1 & 2: Rob Montgomery ID'd as shooter in Boulder Stove & Flooring murder-suicide

On May 17, 2009, Westword launched Mile High Murder, a blog category tracking homicide in the seven-county Denver/Boulder metro area. Over the next year, we wrote about ninety different murders -- all of them shocking in their own way.

On May 17, 2010, year two of this project began with yet another startling and horrific crime -- the discovery of three bodies at Boulder Stove & Flooring.

The dead were subsequently identified as co-owners Sean and Staci Griffin and employee Rob Montgomery -- but the Boulder Police Department initially declined to provide more than the basics.

Now, however, the BPD is elaborating -- and the details are grim. Captain Mark Beckner has just confirmed that Montgomery was the shooter in a murder-suicide.

As noted in this Denver Post piece, both Griffins were shot multiple times, but Montgomery only once. Montgomery was found holding a Smith & Wesson handgun.

Here's the BPD release:

Police: Business owners likely shot by upset employee

Police Chief Mark Beckner announced today that a triple shooting at Boulder Stove and Flooring, 2887 30th St., on Monday, May 17, appears to be a case of workplace violence. The suspect, who is among the dead, has been identified as an employee. The victims are the owners of the business.

Officers responded to Boulder Stove and Flooring on Monday, May 17, after receiving a 911 call at 11:09 a.m. from a male sales employee and a female customer who reported hearing gunshots from an office in the back of the building. Police arrived within minutes and found three deceased people in the office, all suffering from apparent gunshot wounds.

Victims: Sean Griffin, DOB 1/24/70

Staci Griffin, DOB 3/13/69

The Griffins are from Longmont and were the owners of Boulder Stove and Flooring.

Suspect: Robert Montgomery, DOB 10/27/59

Montgomery is from Boulder and had been an employee of Boulder Stove and Flooring since January 2003.

The two people who called 911 were in a different part of the building at the time and did not witness the shooting, but they reported hearing multiple gunshots. They then fled the business. They left in the customer's vehicle and immediately called 911.

There is evidence to indicate that both the Griffins suffered from multiple gunshot wounds. A final determination on cause and manner of death will be made by the Coroner's Office after autopsies. Initial evidence suggests the suspect suffered one gunshot wound.

A handgun was found in the suspect's right hand. It was a Smith and Wesson, M&P 9mm handgun. Thirteen spent shell casings were found near the scene and one round remained in the chamber of the gun. No rounds were left in the magazine. This ammunition was Corbon 9mm brand. A second magazine containing ten rounds of 9mm Eagle brand ammunition was located in the suspect's backpack.

Investigators believe the gun was purchased by the suspect on May 7 and that he recently practiced shooting with the weapon.

Additional evidence has been located at the suspect's residence. A box of Corbon brand 9mm ammunition was found with 14 missing rounds. Detectives also found an empty box of Eagle brand 9mm ammunition.

Investigators have learned that the suspect was upset over a change in sales commissions and a bonus payment system at the business. He had spoken about his concerns with fellow employees and made written notations in a journal and on his computer. These writings are still being reviewed by investigators.

The Boulder Police Department has no record of prior contact with Montgomery by any of its officers.

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