Schmuck of the Week

See Joel Lohmeyer's Bizarre Tasing After Punching Latino "Muslim," Cop

It's a special bonus for those of us charged with the honor of choosing a Schmuck of the Week when the incident in question is caught on video.

That way, we don't have to imagine the schmuckiness. It all unspools right before our eyes.

Witness the case of Joel Lohmeyer, whose fisticuffs with two law enforcers, which resulted in a double tasing, is at the center of a clip that originally circulated on Facebook before moving to YouTube.

Granted, several incidents preceded the main action, which took place in Glenwood Springs on October 16. According to the Vail Daily, Lohmeyer first raised a ruckus at the local Walmart, where he allegedly began pushing and screaming at customers.

He subsequently moved on to a Subway in the vicinity. There, Lohmeyer is said to have grabbed one person by the throat and punched a Latino man in the neck after first calling him both a "Mexican" and a "Muslim."

The authorities, as represented by a Glenwood Springs police officer and a Garfield County deputy, showed up shortly thereafter, and as the video begins, Lohmeyer is making it clear he's not feeling especially cooperative; in the Daily, he's quoted as saying something along the lines of, "Take one step toward me and I'm going to mess you up."

Then, as seen in the following screen captures, Lohmeyer removes his shirt and strikes a pose threatening enough that one of the officers fires a Taser in his direction.

But the barbs from the device don't stop him.

After removing the Taser's probes, Lohmeyer still has enough energy to clobber the cops.

The officers quickly return to their feet and follow the taunting Lohmeyer.

And after a second tasing, Lohmeyer finally goes down....

...and his pursuers make sure he stays that way.

Afterward, Lohmeyer was booked on suspicion of second-degree assault on a police officer, as well as bias-motivated crime and more.

We add a Schmuck of the Week nod as well. Here's the complete video.

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