See Robert Lewis Spit 70 Curses at a Reporter in 86 Seconds

We don't know if Robert Lewis set a record for the most curse words in a minute and a half.

But his profanity pace is undeniably impressive. According to Fox31, he spewed seventy swears that required bleeping over the course of a video that runs just 86 seconds.

The target of the verbal assault was Fox31 reporter Chris Halsne, who was covering a seemingly simple story about a missing puppy named Loki.

The pooch, owned by Brittany Yetter, had run off on New Year's Day after someone left Yetter's gate open, and attempts to find him over the weeks that followed were failures, in part because the fliers she posted kept getting ripped down.

Then, someone spotted a dog matching Loki's description at Lewis's place, and when the cops wouldn't get involved, she reached out to Fox31.

But after Halsne and a videographer confronted Lewis on camera, he went HAM on them.

Among the statements in the (unfortunately censored) video below: “You follow me any more and I’ll put a bullet in your bitch ass. Fuck you, racist motherfucker. I meant that shit."

Afterward, Lewis lawyered up and returned the dog to Yetter, and no charges have been filed against anyone. But the whole fiasco could pay off for Lewis — if he gets a call from the folks at the Guinness Book of World Records.

Continue to see the complete rant, followed by Fox31's report.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.