See "The Dancers" statue's Colorado-pride underwear

Kyle Williams, known on Facebook as "The Wullums," came up with a novel way of altering one of "The Dancers," the Jonathan Borofsky statues installed near the Denver Center for the Performing Arts complex -- by yarn-bombing a Colorado flag Speedo.

Williams's shot of "Project Speedo" deservedly wins our Photo of the Day prize.

Here's a larger look at the photo:

Williams tells us "Project Speedo" was inspired by his desire to create some street art. The site of "The Dancers" struck him as a good location, since it's one he and many others pass by every day.

According to him, the actual execution ended up being tougher then he had planned.

"It was very difficult, actually," Williams notes. "If you look at the front, it kind of looks like a diaper, because we didn't get a big enough ladder apparently."

He adds that "Project Speedo" isn't the only street art he plans to create.

"Keep your eyes peeled for more stuff," he hints. "Hopefully I can do more projects like this."

Read on for more photos of "The Dancers" in their natural state.

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