Cops' Response Time in New 16th Street Mall Fight Caught on Video: 11 Seconds

Update: Videos of fights taking place on the 16th Street Mall over the summer have included an early August clip that showed police arriving late and busting no one; see our previous coverage below.

Less than two weeks after that incident, the Downtown Denver Partnership and the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District launched a private-sector security plan for the mall to supplement a previously implemented Denver Police Department program to increase the number of officers in the area.

Now comes tangible evidence that these efforts are having an effect. The latest video of a fight on the mall, shot late on Monday, September 26, shows officers arriving within approximately eleven seconds to break up the fisticuffs and arrest a suspect, identified as Shonquez Dorsey, twenty.

The video was posted by Neal Rigga, the same person who shared the early August footage. His account of what went down reads:
Fight breaks out on the 16th Street Mall. 09/26/2016 10:05 PM. The police arrive, the fight breaks up and as they are apprehending suspects, another fight breaks out. The officers rush to intervene, and they can be seen in the middle of a fist fury. One of the officers has to mace one suspect, who turns around and flees on foot. Both officers chase after the man, who can be seen swinging at one of the officers in the video.
According to a DPD report, Dorsey was taken into custody on suspicion of public fighting and interference with a police officer.

Look below to see Dorsey's booking photo and the fight video, followed by another Rigga-posted clip showing police responding to another incident just off the mall that same night. Below, find our previous coverage.

Continue for our previous coverage featuring videos of fights on the 16th Street Mall this past summer.

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