Tickets for sale.

Selling Barack Obama's memories on eBay

In the aftermath of the Democratic National Convention, peddlers have not unexpectedly taken to eBay to sell leftover T-shirts and buttons and other paraphernalia.

But there have also been other kinds of souvenirs for sale, as well such as the "goodie bags" that delegates received, DNC keycards from local hotels, confetti from the final night of the convention, and – a very hot seller -- the dual-image, hard plastic tickets to Barack Obama’s August 28 speech at Invesco Field at Mile High.

At one point, these were the hottest tickets in town, and people tried to sell them online even as the Obama campaign threatened to take action against people who did.

Now that the Democrats have come and gone, however, no one cares, and a couple of the tickets sold over the weekend for upward of $100 after multiple people submitted bids. There were more for sale on Monday evening and Tuesday morning -- September 8, 9 -- now for around $50, although with very few bidders.

Of course, for a fraction of that cost – anywhere from $4.99 to $10.99 -- you can have some of blue carpet that, allegedly, graced the stadium that night and some of the red, white and blue confetti that, allegedly, came down on candidates and delegates that night or, as one of the eBay entries reads:

"Here is your chance to own a piece of presidential history. I am selling a 12" x 12" piece of the blue carpet that was used at the Denver Democratic National Convention along with a handful of the confetti that came down on the Barack Obama family and the Joe Biden family. Who knows -- this confetti might have even been the ones that came right down on them and touched them!!!!!!!" – Jonathan Shikes

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.