Reader: Cory Gardner, Your Town Halls Were Too Little, Too Late

Gardner got an earful at his Lakewood town hall meeting.
Gardner got an earful at his Lakewood town hall meeting. Brandon Marshall
When Senator Cory Gardner held his first in-person town halls in over a year last week, plenty of constituents attended, airing their grievances or showing their support for the congressman from Yuma. We were there to catch the action, and the responses to our story on the August 15 town hall in Lakewood.And unsurprisingly, plenty of readers weighed in on our story about Gardner's town hall in Lakewood. Says Dena:
It was glorious, and he deserved every bit of shit he got. That's what you get for ignoring your constituents, accusing them of being out-of-state, paid protesters, and having them arrested for trying to meet with you. 
Replies Jay:
He's not ignoring his constituents. The majority of the people at those town halls did not vote for him. The majority did vote for him, however, they were all at their jobs...not at these meetings
Adds Thomas:
Well, he was trying to share ideas and hear from others. But some in the crowd didn't want that to happen. That isn't good. It is fine to disagree, but once we don't even talk anymore, it just breaks down.
Says Jayne:
Cory, while these town halls were a nice little effort on your part, that's all they were. Too little, too late. You have no spine. Yeah, you called out the trumpster for his #charlottesville comments, but still, where have you been on every other issue? We're coming for you in 2020, you can count on that. Colorado deserves a senator who truly listens and truly represents.
Concludes Russell:
Don't care for his politics at all. But let him speak, you listen and ask questions. Vote next election. Stop with all the BS; shutting him down does no one any good at all. The GOP is in disaster mode right now...and we Eemocrats will throw it all away because we can't dare hear things we don't like. We really are the party of infants at times.
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