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Senator Dave Schultheis says he wasn't comparing Obama to a 9/11 hijacker (cue raucous laughter)

Yesterday, we told you about a tweet sent out by Shmuck of the Week emeritus Senator Dave Schultheis, in which he essentially compared President Barack Obama to a 9/11 hijacker:

@Sen_Schultheis: Don't for a second think Obama wants what is best for U.S. He is flying the US Plane right into the ground at full speed. Let's Roll

In this morning's Denver Post, Schultheis swears he didn't mean to equate Obama to Arab terrorists who killed thousands, even though the "Let's roll" phrase was famously used by brave passengers who brought down United Flight 93 in Pennsylvania. His claim essentially adds up to: Oops! Here's the key passage:

[Schultheis] said he was angry about the president's fiscal policies but didn't mean to compare him to the hijackers. The senator's reputation for strong speech gave readers the wrong idea, he said.

" 'Let's roll.' It's a comment people use all the time any more. 'Let's get going. Let's move on. Let's make major changes,' " Schultheis said. "I can see it now. But you're busy doing jillions of things during the day. You sometimes don't analyze every single word."

That last part rings true, at least -- although it doesn't go nearly far enough. Based on past evidence, Schultheis doesn't analyze any word before it comes out of his mouth. Instead, he simply spews the most ignorant, noxious brand of doctrinaire nonsense imaginable -- the sort of stuff that makes even most conservatives cringe.

But please don't stop doing it, Dave. You may be retiring, but the world could still use regular reminders about where not to go in political speechmaking. And you're just the guy to draw that map.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.