Seven more Denver women you've probably dated -- and one reader has nailed

Our post yesterday featuring ten Denver women you've probably dated inspired some love, some hate and seven great suggestions from one reader, CapHillCowboy, for other women that he feels are even more Denver-specific. And he definitely nailed them...in a manner of speaking.

Look below to check out a photo-illustrated tour of Denver dating, with CapHillCowboy as your guide. His picks should tide you over until our next installment: the ten Denver men you've probably dated.

The Craft Beer Critic

The chick who only wants to drink "local" beer and talk about home brewing. She smells a little yeasty. And she really loves Crooked Stave. They're doing some great work over there. Let's meet Saturday at CBC.

The "I Just Moved Here" Non-Commitmentalist

She just moved to Colorado, and although she said yes to going out on a date with you, she's not really looking for anything too serious. But maybe she will be in a few months. But maybe she won't be. She's not sure. She might travel to China over the summer. Or she may stay here and go hiking.

Continue to keep reading about seven more Denver women you've probably dated -- and one reader has nailed. The Always Sweaty City Biker

Cars are for practicing Anti-Christs and she's not sure why you still get into your sedan to go to the grocery store. There are bike lanes everywhere and you never have to stop at stop signs or stop lights!! It's freedom from the pump AND traffic laws. By the way, she only showers in the morning. Wanna bang?

The Creepy Match-Dot-Com Shut In

It's her first date in a while. It actually seems like it might be the first time she's left the house in a while. She wants to meet somewhere fun, so you suggest Ace. You get there and she hates ping pong and maybe life along with it.

Continue to keep reading about seven more Denver women you've probably dated -- and one reader has nailed. The Extreme Yogalosopher

Yeah, you might go to yoga every once in a while, but she, well, she's got you beat in that category. She's been to a yoga commune in California where you fast for two weeks straight. She sat naked in a room with 120 other Yogalosophers where it was so hot many of the practicers were urged to vomit. They did extreme yoga. They pooped and peed in front of each other. But they were not excused from the session. She tells you this during dinner. Your yoga ain't shit.

The Snow Bunny

Good luck finding her from November until whenever A-Basin closes this year. Brah.

Pretty-Lights Aholic

It's not just Pretty Lights, but you get the picture. She's like a gnat around Red Rocks and has tickets to every annoying light and beats show that's happening this season. She works at Whole Foods, leaving you to wonder how she has the cash to afford all of those Ticketmaster surcharges, let alone all the Molly.

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