Sex and the City 2 for dummies: Kenny Be's Sign Language

While Sex and the City 2 opens in theaters today, Denver's own never-ending dating drama continues to be played out by dummies in the downtown window of Diamond Lil's. Much like the movie, the mannequin ménage à trois depends on changing outfits and modeling positions to market sex and the (Mile High) city. The scene captured in the photo above is from February 2010 and promotes penis power pills for St. Valentine's Day.

Dummy Dude disappears for caged heat below...

In the photo above, taken on May 25, 2010, Diamond Lil's dummy gals have removed their winter wraps and are now touting a "Girls Denver's Girls Live Peep Show" as they model the same fishnet stockings while caged in separate windows. The long-john-dong-dude is long gone, presumably pumping coins into a well-worn arcade slot just inside that darkened door. The intimacy of the threesome has been replaced with the capitalist control of basic human desire. And in a tough economy, the horny are getting the hard sell... The photo above was taken out on South Quebec Street and pictures a billboard's bold claim that XXX DVDs and toys are cheaper than dating. I hate to give away the ending of Sex and the City 2, but a plastic-stuffed hole will never make the heart feel whole. The "secret" is that love costs more because sharing life with another is the only way to truly feel alive. That's why budget-minded bachelors are bartering for dates on Capitol Hill dumpsters... The Capitol Hill dumpster pictured above is a perfect example of hyper-local marketing. This is the grafitti-appeal of an enterprising fellow who no longer requires a corporation to handle his affairs. Clearly he is taking matters into his own hand in order to meat a certain somebody that uses this dumpster and shares a similar beat. He's probably looking down from a nearby apartment window and wanting to share a little Sex and the City 2.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.