Shameless plug: Westword's Toke Daily Deals brings discounts on doja

Question: Do you like paying less than retail for medical cannabis and cannabis-related merchandise? Yes? Well, hawdilly! You're just the person Westword is hoping will sign up for our new Groupon-esque Toke Daily Deal e-mails.

If you said "no," then la-tee-da. It must be nice to be in the 1 percent.

Yes, the folks in our advertising department have decided to join the wave of the future and throw our hat in with the other daily e-mail deals already out there. And while the idea is wholly unoriginal, these things can prove to be beneficial now and then for us penny-pinching patients.

Here's the skinny:

  • E-mails go out twice a week, each one with a new deal.
  • The deals are valid for two to three days and can't be used until day after purchase
  • Deals range from 50 percent to 90 percent off retail.
  • Free to sign up for and no red-card required
  • The Toke Daily Deal will not only offer discounts on medical marijuana, but also head shops, grow stores and occasionally cannabis-friendly restaurants.

I want to make it clear here that I'm not shilling for any of the advertisers here, merely telling you where you may or may not find a worthwhile cannabis-related deals here at Westword. I have made a point to never pay much attention to the MMJ advertising in our paper anyway, as the dispensaries that received less-than-favorable reviews and have since pulled their ads can tell you. I'm like the honey badger: I don't give a shit.

That said, I can appreciate a good deal when I see one. that's why I'm subscribed to no less than two other medical marijuana daily deal sites. Like a Ganja Sy Sperling, I'm not only the Westword medical marijuana critic; I'm an actual medical marijuana consumer, too. If the offer on Toke Daily Deals is worthwhile, I'll take it. If not, I won't. Pretty simple.

You can sign up for the Toke Daily Deals by clicking here. (Or not -- because, as I may have mentioned, Honey Badger don't give a shit.)

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William Breathes
Contact: William Breathes