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Sheldon Chrysler, Tom Martino Nemesis Left Homeless, on Witnessing Krameria Shooting

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Update: Denver police are still looking for a suspect who critically injured a man in a shooting near 14th and Krameria early yesterday morning; see our previous coverage below. But even without an arrest, the case has already generated a strange twist. The incident was witnessed, in a manner of speaking, by Sheldon Chrysler, whose failed lawsuits against self-proclaimed radio Troubleshooter Tom Martino (who called him a "waste of skin") were covered extensively in this space. Chrysler is now homeless and was just drifting off to sleep in his car, where he now lives, when gunfire rang out mere feet away.

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As we reported back in December 2012, Chrysler has described himself as being "a victim of multiple economic crimes" and "an 'at risk' disabled senior citizen and military veteran...dealing with mental health issues" prompted in part by the passing of his twin brother, Barry.

Sheldon lionized his sibling in a book entitled Life After Death of My Twin and Their FBI Story, with the latter referring to an investigation into the activities of Everett Francis Wann, who stole airline parts the brothers unwittingly resold through a business they operated. As is detailed in the 1994 Westword feature "Returning From Parts Unknown," the Chryslers lost an estimated $667,000 in their dealings with Wann.

Chrysler's financial situation unraveled from there, and he blamed Martino for many subsequent difficulties due to the fallout from a series of loans. However, his suit focused on alleged harassment by the Troubleshooter via phone calls and e-mails over a span of years. Here's an example of one such e-mail, from May 2009...

By the way. Fuck you for believing a piece of shit over a friend of 20 years. It is no wonder you ruined your relationship with your twin. Don't blame Ron. It was all you. You are a negative failure and should deal with it.

...and another from October 2011:


I regret ever knowing you. You are a two-faced piece of shit.

I found out that you continue to perpetrate your lies about me being the "master-mind" behind that loan you got with Chris Kane. You even tries to get me in trouble with the US Department of Justice during my bankruptcy.

What a pitiful sorry pieve of shit you are.

You are a lonely, nasty, grumpy excuse for a human and a waste of skin.

I am sorry you got involved with Kane and it resulted in you losing your building. But I had nothing to do with it. How dare you try to ruin me and my family. But you will not prevail. I have never lied to you or anyone. I live my life by that code.

I have helped countless people -- including you. Or do you forget the loans I made you? Did you forget the $3,000 I GAVE you?

Your entire life has been living off of others. You think you have helped so many people and that you are selfless. But you are a sorry piece of shit.

I never want to see or hear from you again. My wife and I were shocked that you would try to ruin us in our darkest hour. But it during times like this that you get to know who your real friends are.

You are not my friend. And you are not a fried to anyone.

You are a bitter, selfish, evil person to the core.

That is why your brother died hating you. That is why everyone talks behind your back and know what a dirt bag you are.

I WAS your friend. Thank God I found out what you sare really made of -- shit -- to the core. I hope I never see you face to face. You won't like the results.


To Chrysler, this communication, even though it was private, qualified as "outrageous conduct," and he filed suit against Martino. But Denver District Court Judge J. Eric Elliff ultimately dismissed the case, writing, "Mere insults, indignities, threats, annoyances, petty oppressions, or other trivialities are insufficient. Only conduct that is so outrageous in character, and so extreme in degree, as to go beyond all possible bounds of decency and be regarded as atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized community, will suffice."

Martino eventually apologized, sort of, for calling Chrysler a waste of skin, among other things.

Since then, Martino pleaded guilty to a disturbing the peace charge in regard to a late 2013 incident involving his then-wife, Holly, while Chrysler's life became even more challenging. During an interview yesterday, he told us that he's been homeless for the past eight months in part because the only housing offered him by the Veterans Administration is an apartment in Pueblo -- and that's unacceptable to him because he owns parrots that would likely lead to complaints from other residents. As a result, he's been living in his car.

He was parked 14th and Krameria early yesterday morning and was just drifting off to sleep when he heard gunfire, then a crash and a terrifying scream. When he looked up, he saw that a white SUV riddled with bullet holes had crashed "about twenty feet away," he says.

Chrysler believes the still-unidentified driver of the vehicle was the target of the shots. The man was able to make it to a McDonald's about a block away and get help. The victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition but is said to have been conscious and talking with emergency responders; he's expected to survive.

Meanwhile, Chrysler dialed 911 to alert police of the crime. Afterward, he found shell casings near his car in a tight cluster, suggesting to him that the shooter had been on foot when he fired. Thus far, no arrests have been announced.

For his part, Chrysler was understandably reluctant to sleep in his car anywhere near the area again and seemed to see his near-brush with death as a warning that he needed to move on. In his words, "I've got to get the hell out of this town."

Here's a CBS4 from the crime scene featuring an interview with Chrysler, followed by our previous coverage.

Continue for our previous coverage of the 14th and Krameria shooting, including additional photos from the scene. Original post, 5:15 a.m. October 14: Indian summer conditions in Denver can translate to the sort of overnight crime we associate with the year's hottest months -- incidents like the one that happened shortly before 3 a.m. this morning. That's when a man walked into a Colfax and Krameria McDonald's moments after having been shot.

At last report, the victim was in critical condition and police were still searching for the man who shot him. We've got the latest below.

First official word of the crime came in these twin tweets from the Denver Police Department:

Here's an interactive look at the area where officers believe the shooting took place; if you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

View Larger Map

The first photojournalist on the scene appears to have been 7News' Pete Burd, who tweeted this message and image:

7News' early piece on the incident relates the story about the man making his way to the Colfax and Krameria location, a block or so away from the locale above. Here's an interactive graphic showing the restaurant in the daylight; it, too, has a "View Larger Map" option:

View Larger Map

Representatives from additional news outlets are now on the scene, including CBS4's Rahel Solomon, who offered this pair of tweets....

...as well as 9News breaking news specialist Noel Brennan, whose second tweet below focuses on a vehicle that may be a key to the DPD investigation, now in its early stages.

As noted by the DPD, no information about a possible suspect is available at this time -- but the person responsible is presumably to be considered armed and dangerous.

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