Life of the Potty.

Shmuck: A crappy day at school

For elementary school principals, education is typically priority Number One.

But in the case of Michael Auclaire, principal of Peyton Elementary in Colorado Springs, Number Two is priority Number One, and education is priority Number Two.

Wait. Let’s back up.

According to reports out of Colorado Springs, Auclaire was upset – justifiably – that someone had been leaving poo on the floor and toilet seats in a girls bathroom. But things got even more foul when Auclaire decided to, uh, take matters into his own hands.

The principal gathered up the excrement, bagged it and then passed it around to students, telling them to look inside. He had said he wanted to make a point to the students.

Point taken. Auclaire is a Shmuck.

After parents complained, the principal apologized to student and parents, saying that perhaps it was “not the best thing to do”-doo.

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