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Shmuck: Colorado Democratic Party

The Dems' first lady.

Dear Billy Compton,

You are hereby directed to come in to the Shmuck headquarters and explain your comments and why you would like to censor and intimidate a national delegate to the 2008 Democratic National Convention in light of these comments.


Shmuck of the Week

Party unity is a great thing, especially after long, bitter primary seasons when warring factions within the Democratic and Republican machines have chafed each others nerves and hurt each others feelings. But party unity can also be taken a little too far.

Just ask Sacha Millstone – a Hillary Clinton supporter and DNC delegate from Boulder -- who was ordered by Compton and the Colorado Democratic Party to report to the principal's office in a manner very similar to the letter above, according to news reports.

The problem? Millstone had spoken up about her continued support for Clinton and her lack of support for Barack Obama. Uh-oh. Free speech.

Party officials said they had wanted to talk to Millstone about resigning her position as a delegate in favor of an Obama supporter. But they changed their tune after Millstone hired a lawyer and the story got out. And the issue has been dropped.

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