Schmuck of the Week

Shmuck of the Week

It has been well reported that certain members of the state legislature have had difficulty comporting themselves, ahem, appropriately so far this session. In just a few weeks, one lawmaker resigned after making an untoward advance on a woman, one was forced to repeatedly apologize for a poor choice of words, while another was censured for kicking a news photographer. That same lawmaker was later criticized and removed from the House veterans and military affairs committee for failing to co-sponsor a resolution honoring men and women serving in the military.

So everyone working under the Gold Dome, as well as voters across Colorado, were surely relieved Tuesday to hear that at least one official, Representative Doug Bruce of Colorado Springs, had the decency, nay, the courage to stand up for what is right by adding his name to a February 19 resolution calling for civility among House members.

But wait! Isn’t Bruce the same person who kicked the photographer and declined to honor the military resolution? Yes he is, and Bruce explained – to daily news reporters -- the apparent contradiction thusly: “I consider it to be a matter of a pledge of personal behavior,” Bruce said. “I believe I've conducted myself with civility. Other people, obviously, disagree.”

Indeed. Doug Bruce, you are Westword’s first repeat offender as Shmuck of the Week. For the previous Shmuck, click here.

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