Schmuck of the Week

Shmuck of the Week

When it comes to shmucks, it's hard to beat a guy who leaves a three-year-old girl alone in a car while he gets his groove on at a strip club -- although the girl's mother likely wants to.

As first reported first by Westword, Alan Baxter was arrested on May 10 after a manager at Fascinations, the sex-toy store behind Shotgun Willie's, told Glendale police she'd seen the girl alone in the car.

The city's officers -- who are used to seeing naked women -- charged right into Shotgun Willie's, and, according to the incident report, found Baxter drinking a beer and doling out George Washington's to the ladies. Baxter, who at 20 is too young to be drinking, admitted that the child was his girlfriend’s daughter. Further investigation revealed that the mom, Daphne Phillips, had given Baxter $20 to buy the girl dinner at McDonalds while she was at work, police said.

“Baxter admitted the $16 dollars he had in one dollar bills was from the $20 Daphne had given to him to feed the child and himself,” the officer wrote. “Reportedly three dollars out of the $20 was used to pay the bar cover charge, and the ones were to tip the dancers.”

The cops bought food for the girl, then booked Baxter on one charge of child neglect at the Glendale Police Station, where the girl was later reunited with her mother. The report adds that Baxter “stated leaving the child alone was ‘very stupid.’”

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