Schmuck of the Week

Shmuck of the Week

Oh, Dog. You make us feel so used!

Duane “Dog” Chapman, the once and former media magnet, author and reality TV star who got his start in Denver as bounty hunter on bail bond row (see stories here and here, graced the state Capitol today, along with his flowing mullet and his wife, Beth.

In from Hawaii, where he now lives, the Dog family was ostensibly here to lobby against House Bill 1382, which could allow government agencies to compete with bail bondsmen. Since the couple no longer lives here, however, it hardly seems like it would matter to them. No, the visit appeared to be designed more for media attention than for politics. Chapman, whose A&E reality show was yanked after a recording surfaced of Dog using the N-word, may be trying to reclaim his fifteen (now thirty) minutes of fame. In fact, rumor has it that the show will be revived later this year, and Dog told several news outlets he’s already filming new episodes.

C’mon, Dog, Colorado loves you. Why not stay on the mainland, specifically at 5,280, for a few more of those TV shoots. Maybe you could even run for office; the state legislature could always use a few more characters.

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