Shmuck of the Week?: Why don't you just ask David Sirota

It has come to our attention that liberal talking head David Sirota has, for some unknown amount of time, been naming various people the Shmuck of the Week. It's a very childish, reactionary, black-and-white approach to journalism. More importantly, it's our childish, reactionary, black-and-white approach to journalism.

We started busting out the yiddish in the beginning of 2008, handing our inaugural dishonor to über-instigator Steve Horner for his bizarre attacks on Ladies' Nights. And we've been picking one per week ever since, bestowing it on everyone from participants in the threesome from hell to middle schoolers.

The question is: How long has Sirota been doing his? And -- since it's obvious there isn't room for two shmuck-driven features in this town -- who should shut theirs down?

Should we defer to Sirota because he's a fancy published author? Should we shelve the snark for once and start honoring the good guys in life? Should we put Sirota in a cage full of hungry lions and see who comes out alive? (That doesn't have anything to do with shmucks; it just sounds like a good show). Or should we just get all union-y and give the job to whoever's been doing it the longest?

Tune in next week to see what we decide. And in the meantime, relive past adventures in shmuckdom in our Shmuck of the Week archives.

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