Shmuck of the Week: William Farr

He may have meant no malice by it, and he quickly apologized for it, but when Greeley businessman William Farr said at last week's Citizen of the West banquet, "They're going to have to change the name of [the White House] if Obama's elected," he shot almost immediately to the top of our nominating committee's list for Shmuck of the Week. More than the joke itself, which beyond being racist wasn't funny, Farr deserves the the honor of being named Shmuck of the Week for being naive enough to think an entire room full of business people, politicians and reporters would let such a remark slide. So, Mr. Farr, for assuming that a room (mostly) full of white folks shares your appreciation of stale racist humor, we hereby confer on you the honor of Shmuck of the Week. Congratulations.

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