Shmuck of the Week: Yep, it's Jay Cutler

It may yet prove to be the case that being able to throw a football really hard does not make you a good NFL quarterback. In fact, it may require intelligence and grace and a good offensive line, and Jay Cutler does not have any of those things.

His most recent baffling sound bite, in case you missed it, involved saying this about his old and new fan bases: ""Denver's like a 6 and Chicago's like a 9." Let's ignore the part where he shits all over the Broncos fans who supported him through two years of nothing particularly special, who forgave him for comparing himself to Denver's greatest sports hero, who were willing to give him a mulligan on a truly epic collapse in the final games of last season. Jay Cutler's utter disdain for the people who paid his salary should come as no surprise at this point.

After all, there are more exceptionally idiotic things about this quote. Listen, Jay: Just because you like to throw on your striped shirt on the weekends, unbutton it to your sternum and assign a number ranking to every floozy in a sequined dress doesn't mean you should go and publicly objectify entire cities worth of sports fans. And why the hell would you say Chicago is a 9? If you're going to be describing the fans of your current team, it is your job to say they are the best in the world. Twenty-thousand people came to watch you lob twenty-yard outs at some dude named Earl Bennett, and the best you can do is a 9?

As far as shmucks go, you'll always be an eleven to us. Can't wait for you to come visit later this month.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.