Shmucks of the Week: McDaniels and Cutler

It's hard to know who to be more frustrated with: the brand-new, Bill Belichik-style youngster, who'd barely figured out his I-25 from his I-70 before dumping half the team and infuriating his star quarterback, or the pouty, preening, interception-prone quarterback himself, whose skin appears to be thinner than the mountain air.

Get together and figure it out Josh McDaniels and Jay Cutler, and not via telephone, like you apparently attempted to do earlier this week. Look at one another in the eye.

Oh, and don't let the millions and millions of dollars between you and the hopes of an entire city bother you. Make sure you treat the Denver Broncos like a backyard-fence line, perfect for passive-aggressive antics, seething anger and big-dick contests.

Wake us when its over.

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