Shocking revelation: Colorado Springs conservatives hate healthcare reform

Congressman Doug Lamborn, a Republican representing Colorado Springs, has found the key to keeping town halls about healthcare relatively free of rancor and ideological clashes: Stage them in districts where most people, including the star of the show, are metaphysically opposed to reform, and then let attendees spend an hour or so agreeing with each other. The account of the get-together in the Colorado Springs Gazette points out that only a "smattering" of pro-healthcare-legislation voters even bothered to show up, and they sat quietly while Lamborn allowed one speaker to call President Barack Obama a "pathological liar" without chiding him for uncivil behavior of the sort he'd asked folks to avoid. Later, Lamborn himself launched into the widely discredited "death panel" topic like the infinitely less telegenic sibling of Sarah Palin. As he did so, he was no doubt confident he wouldn't be challenged by an audience whose members couldn't have been more simpatico if they'd worn matching T-shirts depicting Obama as Hitler.

Of course, some of them were probably doing so in their hearts.

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