Richard Reid.
Richard Reid.

Shoe bomber Richard Reid's hunger strike may have left him feeling satisfied

UPDATE: In a letter to a researcher, Richard Reid said that, while he accepts God wanted him to fail in his attempted attack, he does have "tactical regrets" about how he carried it out. In the missive to Dr. Kimberly Mehlman-Orozco, Reid went on to mention the recent Charlie Hebdo attacks, stating that he felt the real tragedy of the massacre was that people "think it is OK to demean the sacred and belittle that which is more beloved to we Muslims than their own souls."

A few weeks ago, assorted politicos were aghast at the notion that detainees at Guantanamo might wind up at Colorado's supermax prison -- and relieved when officials there pointed out that there was no place to put them even if officials unexpectedly grew backbones and ordered that they be incarcerated in the facility. Little did observers know at the time that a supermax inmate who's actually been convicted of terrorist acts -- Richard Reid, known universally as the "Shoe bomber" -- was in the early stages of a hunger strike to protest restrictions that he said prevented him from practicing his Muslim faith. Now, however, it appears that the feds are lifting those constraints -- a move presumably made in the hope that it will convince Reid to start eating again (he's been forcefed in the interim). Those reps opposing Guantanamo relocations should wish him well -- because if he expires, it'll open up a bed....


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