Police scattered blue triangles marking crime-scene evidence near the Capitol.EXPAND
Police scattered blue triangles marking crime-scene evidence near the Capitol.
Nora Olabi

Shots Fired Near Capitol, Part of Colfax Blocked

Police have blocked Colfax Avenue from Lincoln to Grant streets, and the Capitol was evacuated after police responded to shots fired in the area. No injuries have been reported, according to the Denver Police Department.

Colorado State Patrol officers manned the scene, where at least seventeen small blue plastic triangles marking crime-scene evidence were scattered at the intersection of Sherman and Colfax.

Curt Schulz says he was near Sherman and Colfax when he heard gunshots.

"I was down at the corner there, and I just went across the street," Schulz says. "Heard several loud pops. Thought it was someone letting off firecrackers or something. I figured out it might be gunshots. I saw a guy run across the street in front of the Capitol building, and whoever was over there said they were shooting at him....  [The alleged shooter] tapped on the bus, and they let him in."

A bus on the 15L Line was pulled over near Grant and Colfax, close to the crime scene.

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