Should Denver break up with The Bachelorette now that Mark Huebner's gone?

Last Monday, Mark Huebner, the Denver pizza entrepreneur who's been among the hopefuls on this season of The Bachelorette, got the heave-ho from Jillian Harris, and the anonymous scribe who pens the episode recaps for ABC, which airs the series, wasn't exactly surprised. Here's the key section of the latest account:

[Jilllian] still considers Jake "too perfect" and notices that Mark has never once told her he likes her! Maybe she should have kept Mike, who couldn't stop telling her how great she was.

With Ed's departure, Jillian has only one man to send home, so she's decided to skip the usual cocktail party. Narrowing down 30 guys to just one soul mate, without any tears or drama, isn't possible, she says and we agree, that would make for some very boring TV.

Michael and Jesse are safe, but the remaining seven men sweat as Jillian doles out six roses. We're betting that the axe is going to fall for tattletale Tanner or close-mouthed Mark, and yes, it's Mark who's going home.

Mark gives a rueful smile at the dismissal. "Anytime you're in Denver," he tells Jillian as he hugs her goodbye. In his exit interview, he admits he has trouble with barriers -- he's been cheated on four times! He feels he's been more honest with Jillian than some of the other guys *cough*Wes*cough*, but honesty and Mark are clearly not on the best of terms!

Nice: Kick a pizza guy when he's down. Then again, there is one piece of good news. Now we don't need to watch tonight's episode, or any of those that follow. Welcome back, life!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.