Shrinkage and USA Weekend magazine

It costs a pretty penny to collect the news that's an intrinsic part of the word "newspaper" -- but the paper itself is mighty expensive, too. That's why oodles of publications, including Westword, have reduced their physical size in recent years -- and even newspaper inserts aren't immune to such cuts. Case in point: USA Weekend, a magazine included with the Sunday Denver Post. The mag has long been the same size as Parade, a pub that's been a part of the Sunday Post's mix since the joint-operating agreement linking the broadsheet to the now-shuttered Rocky Mountain News took effect in 2001. But while the March 15 Parade, which was still stamped with the names of both the Post and the Rocky, maintained its usual dimensions, USA Weekend, emblazoned with the Post logo only, was approximately half-an-inch narrower in width, and around an inch shorter in length, making it that much harder to find amid the usual wad of Chuck E. Cheese fliers and so on.

Expect Parade to shrink soon, too. Because when it comes to saving money in the newspaper business, every little bit -- and every little snip -- counts.

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