Sledding Fatigue

"A Sledder's Paradise," an article in the Denver Post's Style section on January 21, highlighted several of the metro area's most popular sledding hills, portraying them as consistently packed since our recent (and seemingly ceaseless) round of snowstorms began just prior to Christmas. However, the story left out some telling details.

Turns out that I live a few blocks from one of these neighborhood treasures: Sledding Hill Park, near Ken Caryl Ranch. And while the hill was indeed clogged with children and families for a couple of weeks after the flakes started falling, that's no longer the case. I drove past the park multiple times this past weekend and noticed that not a single person was taking advantage of the wonderful conditions -- and this scene has been common for a good ten days.

Why? My guess is that lotsa kids who typically hit the hill at the first sign of snow are just as sick of sledding as their parents are tired of supervising this activity. Apparently there is such a thing as too much fun. -- Michael Roberts

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