Smoking pot by yourself made somewhat okay by

Looks like Three Dog Night was right. Apparently one really is the loneliest number.

The folks at realize that and have made it their mission to end solo marijuana smoking through video chat. Much like the infamous (and currently on-hiatus) Chatroulette, webcam-using tokers are randomly paired up.

Unlike Chatroulette, though, Sesh Roulette is shlong-free -- and as Jefferson County District Attorney's Office investigator Mike Harris told us in March, he saw his first penis on Chatroulette in ten seconds flat.

Dan Hill, who runs SeshRoulette out of Los Angeles, said the idea came to him when he was smoking on Chatroulette and getting connected to nothing but close-up dong shots. "My overall goal for the site are to network smokers together, because we all have stories to tell and share," he said.

I hopped on in disguise for about a half-hour the other day and hung out in the living room of some German dude's house while he rolled up hash. Shortly thereafter, I moved on to bong hits in the back yard of some college kids in Seattle. I ended up my "sesh" chatting with Charley in Ontario, who said he's spent a few nights smoking with strangers in foreign countries until 3 a.m. "It's pretty cool to meet people who are into the same thing you are from the other side of the world. And there's not a bunch of dicks, like on Chatroulette."

Hill said the site has been up for four months, and he hopes to add a section where smokers can post their cannabis-related artwork, photography and video soon.

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