Snow angel network uncovered in West Denver: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

Yard Arteology: The study of neighbors through lawn decorations... A recent walk through the West Barnum neighborhood has revealed that west Denver is a sanctuary for yard angels. The bare ground around the angel pictured above indicates that she has powerful snow-melting capabilities. However, the Kwanzaa deer angel shown below suggests that these snow angels are also spiritual space aliens... The yard art pictured above appears to be the eclectic collection of a nature-loving dumpster diver who worships his ancestors. To the left, the harping angels paired with the Kwanzaa candelabra suggest a hope in some greater power to make life better. To the right, the zonked out fawn leaning against a wine jug intimates a more practical, everyday approach to making life better. Hope and despair appear to be balanced in the display, but the inclusion of the tiny turtle figurine before the Kwanzaa candelabra implies that hope moves slower than wine. Below, slow angels are overwhelmed by the lollipop guild. The collection of saints and angels positioned alongside the display of gigantic lollipops suggests that the home pictured above belongs to a yard artist who is seriously joyful. The wire rack at the center of the photo contains numerous varieties of angels and hints at an angel hierarchy.

The largest, and presumably most important angels, are at the side of Jesus and placed below the picture window. That Jesus and his angel companions share a front yard with a display of twelve lollipops appears to be the telling of a much sweeter version of "The Last Supper" story.

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