Sole Survivors

Boys, The Cat's Pajamas tried. She really, really did. She went to The 400's Shoe Shine sneaker competition at Andenken on Saturday night in hopes of bringing you a tasty treat of edgy menswear. But Cat was sadly disappointed: The boys did not bring their A-game. Yes, it was a sneaker freak, a chance to show off your best kicks, but that doesn't mean you neglect the top 98 percent of your persona; the ladies sure as hell didn't. Repeat after me, gentlemen: "I will not wear a baseball cap or track suit when I'm going out on the town. I will make an effort, if only as additional bait for my wedding tackle."

Cat's not talking about having to wear suits and ties. She gets that sweats are all "urban flava," but since she can't co-sign them as appropriate date attire for your better halves, she sure as hell isn't going to okay them for you. (Now, if they'd actually had some flava, then Cat might have had some sympathy, because in the case of true personal style, any fashion edict can be trumped.)

Still, those shoes were amazing -- shaming Cat's favorite pink Pumas -- and the ladies were smoking, especially Eno Ocansex. Love the boots, love the hair, love the earrings, love everything. (Cat. Must. Have. The. Boots.) Eno proves you don't have to be all vamped out to be gorgeous; she just looks radiant and confident in herself -- and there's no greater compliment in fashion.

Celeste Prevost and Rob Angermulter were also there to see and be seen -- and they looked good together. Rob's rocking the fedora, and while not every one can handle a hat, it's fetching if you can. Celeste looks perfect for an evening at the gallery, with cute jewelry, good makeup and a sweet coat. Maybe Cat's gotten old, but when she sees the Pretty Young Things walking down Larimer in 30 degree weather with no jacket, all she can think is "put some clothes on." Then Cat reminds herself she too once did that and it all seemed perfectly reasonable.

These Addidas kicks are a gold standard -- and they look sharp on the lovely Angelika who is wearing them. (Sorry for the closed-eye shot.)

And here are Cat's two favorite pairs of shoes entered into the competition.

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Amy Haimerl