Some examples why graffiti cops have focused on KOZE as Denver's most-wanted vandal

How did anti-graffiti detectives finally pop KOZE, leader of one of Denver's most notorious graffiti crews? By getting one of his associates to flip on him in court.

But the three mural-like graffiti "pieces" that prompted a jury to convict 27-year-old Timothy Barajas of seven misdemeanor counts of criminal mischief and trespassing hardly represents the full body of work generally attributed to KOZE. As the below pictures and videos show, the man behind those four letters isn't your average fourteen-year-old tagger running amok with a broad-tip Sharpie.

Already, there's talk within the local graffiti world about throwing an art show, where some of KOZE's handiwork can be seen up close. As for Barajas, he tells Westword he's planning on filing an appeal.

He'd better act quick: He's eligible for up to three years in jail at his sentencing on December 29. In the meantime, check out these samples of his work:

Here's a video showing the word "KOZER" on the top of a North Denver industrial silo. Warning: it gets NSFW at about 3:23

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